What is WPC (Woodplast)?

WPC can only be compared with its natural rival, means wood, because we cannot compare its beauty with the other building materials. Except wood-plastic, there is not any other coverage that can have natural wood beauty and properties. Why?

Made of natural wood

Woodplast is made from waste natural wood. Woodplast, because of its plastic, besides its beautiful and warm appearance, is more persistence than natural wood.

wpc sample 02

Has no high cost of maintenance

Natural wood should always be protected during his lifetime by coating. Little cracks in the natural wood allow Fungus to grow and cause water penetration which result serious damage, but Woodplast because of its high density and compressibility, would be safe from this kind of damage, and will be cleaned from any dust or Surface fungi by regular washing.  

Saturated and thermo woods - inexpensive

Saturated and thermo woods shall be exposed to high temperature and pressure for hours to reach its degree of resistance.


WPC is a green and environmental friendly product

Woodplast produced from recycling unusable plastic, small Pieces of wood and Sawdust and it is not required to use a lot of energy. Due to this reason, Woodplast is an inexpensive and environmental friendly product.

Wood-plastic composite (WPC), is made from combination of materials such as natural wood fiber, Plastic, thermo plastics and a special flour. Polywood is a new type of Woodplast product which is made from wood and plastic sections. Wood section has some ingredient such as Pulp fibers, peanut hulls, bamboo and straw, but plastic section made from poly ethylene, PVC and poly propylene.

These materials are then combined in the Extruder to form a Resistance paste which is the raw material of the WPC. After forming the raw material and prepare profiles, some type of resin and synthetic materials will be added up. In the last step, these materials are formed in templates and then dried

Among the advantages of these composites can be pointed to

100% Waterproof and moisture-proof
Full insulation of magnetic, radiation and radio waves, sound, heat and cold
Antibacterial, resistant from germs or bacteria intake and resistant from any type acid, liquid fats Influence
With minimal expansion and contraction in different climatic conditions
High strength, light weight and resistant to any type of Impact and scratch
Non-combustible and fire resistant, the impossibility of any circuit and spark
Have a minimum 30 years lifetime without any change in shape, resistance and profile appearance
Washable with every kind of detergents
Resistant from insects animals such as termites and rats influx
Because of having wood-plastic composite and aluminum compounds is a recyclable and completely environmental friendly product.
No cracking and high resistance from any kind of impact and pressure

Technical Specifications


No. Property Value Unit Test Method Note
1 Specific Gravity 1.27 g/cm3 ASTM D792 جرم ویژه(دانسیته)
2 Tensile Strength 19 MPA ASTM D638 مقاومت یا استحکام کششی
3 Elongation 1.1 % ASTM D638 درصد ازدیاد طول در اثرنیروی کششی
4 MOE 2980 MPA ASTM D638 مدول کششی MOE
5 Flexural Strength 25 MPA ASTM D790 مقاومت خمشی بر روی دهانه cm 48، و زیر بار متمرکز
6 MOR 3460 MPA ASTM D790 مدول خمشی بر روی  دهانهcm 48، و زیر بار متمرکز
7 IZ Impact Strength 4.5 Kl/m² ASTM D4812 مقاومت به ضربه ایزود
8 Falling Ball Impact No Crack 1kg/1500mm EN477 مقاومت به ضربه (ترک)
9 Hardness 62.8(D)   ASTM D2240 سختی
10 Coefficient of thermal Expansion 3.5×10ˉ⁵ 1/  ̊C ASTM D696 ضریب انبساط حرارتی
11 Screw Ability 1020 N ASTM D1761 قابلیت پیچ خوری
12 Flame Spread Index(FSI) Class B-75   ASTM E84 شاخص انتشار شعله
13 Water Absorption(2h) 0.6 % ASTM D1037 جذب آب در مدت 2 ساعت(کوتاه مدت)
14 Water Absorption(24h) 1.18 % ASTM D1037 جذب آب در مدت 24 ساعت(کوتاه مدت)
15 Resistance to Termite 0.3 % ASTM D3345-74 مقاومت به موریانه
16 Fungus Resistance No Decay   ASTM D2017 مقاومت به قارچ


Van Wood Group of Industries

rezoomehWith the help of God, Van Wood Company was established in 1382 and began to work in the field of wood and wood products. After gaining several years of experience, their activities are concentrated on Woodplast product as an environmental friendly product.

Nowadays, Van Wood Group with employing qualified and skilled personnel is achieved the Technical knowledge of producing of the composite with the aim of Preservation of forests and environment.